Utopia, Atopia, and Sovereignty: A Politics of the Future

[Seminar at Analytica: New Clinic – New York]

We will discuss the evolution of revolution from German Romanticism to French Revolution to American Anarchy and into the Future. Only by seeing the long term trajectory of evolutionary revolution in man’s world can we see clearly through the fog of the present toward the future of politics and change. We will trace this through several important movements including which integrate an internal and external phenomenology of spirit embodied through material flesh and ecology, finally leading to an autonomist praxis.


Beyond biopower, psychopower, and neuropower


Objectology: Object oriented ontology as Spinozist-Buddhist thing in itself.

Subjectology: Hegelian-Vedic subjective self as dialectic of negation revealing spirit

Concentrated Focus:

Lacan: Borromean knot of real-imaginary-symbolic

Badiou: Set-theory ontology and category-theory topology

Case Studies:

Hegel: /Phenomenology of Spirit

Nietzsche: /Will to Power

Steiner: /Philosophy of Freedom

Reich: Self-Regulation /Mass Psychology

Kojeve: Revolutionary Warrior /Lectures

Bataille: Sovereign Artist Accursed Share

Breton: Surrealism Surrealist Manifestos

Debord: Situationists’ /Revolution of Everyday Life

Grogan: Diggers’ Post-Competitive Comparative Free City /Ringolevio

Miller: New Instinctivism

Guattari: Chaosmosis

Stiegler: Taking Care