ABOUT – History

Analytica was initiated in 2000 by Dr Scott Von and associates in conjunction with the New Clinic in New York as an informal private research and training institute. Over many years a growing number of colleagues, students, and analysands sought further analytic practice and training unavailable in the current institutions and so Analytica developed a more formal school open to the public at large in New York and internationally by virtual online membership. Analytica currently operates in an exclusively online mode, with the intention of building an integrated world-wide analytic network.

Scott Von is a psychoanalyst and physician and director of the New Clinic for Integral Medicine & Psychiatry and of Analytica Institute. He received his Doctor of Medicine at ACTCM/Shanghai University specializing in Integrative Medicine and Neuropsychiatry. He received his PhD in Psychoanalysis and Neuropsychology at LSE/University of London, while working with R D Laing, Felix Guattari, and their colleagues from Kingsley Hall and La Borde in anti-psychiatry and schizoanalysis.

He trained and has been a member for twenty years of Apres-Coup in NY, the first Lacanian psychoanalytic institute in the US and member of Convergencia, the largest international association of Lacanian analysts. He is Trustee and member of PLACE in LA, a uniquely innovative Lacanian analytic institute. He also trained in Reichian and Jungian psychoanalysis in addition to his more extensive Freudian and Lacanian training. Through Analytica in conjunction with the above, he has been a primary figure in the extension of Lacanian analysis in America, and the primary figure in the practice of schizoanalysis in America.

In addition to teaching at the above institutes, Doctor Von has taught and supervised as a professor at NYU, CUNY, Pacific College, ACTCM, CIIS, Esalen and other universities and institutes on the integration of medicine, psychiatry, and psychoanalysis. In this arena and at the New Clinic, he has pioneered the practice of Integral Medicine & Psychiatry, Comparative Medicine & Psychiatry, and Psychoanalytic Medicine & Psychiatry. His two volumes of clinical work – Schizoanalysis: Chaos & Complexity in Clinical Practice and Orgonomy: Integral Medicine & Psychiatry – have been published in limited editions and are currently available as part of the core curriculum at Analytica. A public edition is forthcoming, along with the further volumes Wild Analysis and The Future Analyst.

A growing number of colleagues, students, and analysands asking for a different kind of analytic school, clinic, and association prompted the natural initiation, unfolding, and development of Analytica. This is a school grounded on the original research and practice of Freud and his intentions, a place incorporating the rigorous inventions of Lacan in his school and practice, but also a place able to integrate the diverse contributions of the vast majority of other psychoanalytic traditions, and finally one able to look toward the accelerating future and create a method which not only keeps up with the symptoms and knots of our times but can experiment beyond this cultural contingency toward the in-human or beyond-human. This desire and experience is reflected in the current membership and board of Analytica.

The roots of Analytica go back to the turn of analytic thought and practice in the Greek era where poets became philosophers and mathematicians and the West differentiated itself from the East through analysis. Modernity brought analysis to the forefront of the global world and completed itself by analyzing subjectivity, inner experience, and psychic reality itself in Freud’s Meta-Psychology and Psycho-Analysis. Lacan, Guattari and recent developments in Anti-Psychiatry, Schizo-Analysis, Non-Philosophy and the analysis of psychosis and madness have paved the way for a future analyst attuned to the art of fiction and the logic of phantasm. These lineages provided the formation of the colleagues, collaborators, and analysands that compose the body and board of Analytica.