TRAINING – Enrollment

Participation in Analytica is open to all and determined by the desire and commitment to work at a unique analytic school of collective learning and teaching based on the discourse of the analyst. Analytica is the first fully-functioning virtual analytic institute with all events being available live online and archived for future use. Analytica does not demand specific requirements to enter. It does not provide degrees or licenses but it will assist in an individual’s formation and training requirements in and out of the school, and will provide a certificate of completion and/or certification of membership at Analytica. A record of each individual’s participation can be maintained for such things as course credit hours, supervised practice hours, continuing education credits and other such information for use in universities, institutes, and state licensing in other environments, and/or to develop an optional certification at Analytica.

Membership in Analytica is on a monthly basis. There are two types of Membership: Analysand and Analyst. A Clinical Analyst is someone practicing intensive analysis with another. A Clinical Analysand is an “analyst in formation” practicing intensive analysis with another. The basic dues for all types of Membership are four hundred dollars per month. All functions and meetings of the school and clinic are digital, and are equally available to all Members no matter their location in the world.

Each type of Member is granted privileges and responsibilities as follows:


  • analysis with a Clinical Analysand (if the Analysand elects to work with a chosen or referred Analyst, additional fees will be negotiated and paid directly)
  • free attendance at all Analytica online seminars
  • access to The Library Lounge with Presenter privileges. The Library Lounge is a persistent online social and study space where Members can gather or visit on their own at any time. It is a fully functional digital meeting room with document collaboration and video conferencing. The full Archive of media and text documents will be freely available here. Presenters can post documents to the Archive, share their screens with other participants, and can create private breakout rooms, among many other functions. The Library Lounge is built in Adobe Connect.
  • access to Analytica’s Slack. Slack is a communication and collaboration platform that organizes group conversations in a text-message format, and provides the ability to search across all conversations and documents. Text documents from the Archive will also be available here.
  • personal end-to-end encrypted email through ProtonMail. This email account will remain active for six months of non-payment for membership.
  • participation in Cartels and Assemblage. Cartels and Assemblage may be conducted in various online formats decided by the participants. Skype is a possibility in the case that a Member has not paid dues for the month. Participation in Cartels and Assemblage may continue for three months of non-payment.
  • optional Member Bio on the Analytica website
  • consideration for LIBERTINE Guild membership
  • ability to apply for Analyst Membership
  • All Member functions are accessed through a sign-in and dashboard on the Analytica website

Clinical Analysand (Analyst-in-Formation)

  • all of the above
  • clinical work with Analysands
  • supervisory analysis with a Clinical Analyst
  • a private digital office. The Office is a persistent video conferencing space which is fully customizable by the Member in terms of aesthetics, functions, and available documents and media. It also operates as a personal Study, in which the member will have unlimited cloud-based storage for their own documents and media, as well as a space to catalog, view, and annotate materials sourced from the Archive. In the course of supervision, sessions held within the Office can be recorded and viewing permissions granted to specific individuals. Analyst Members will have Host privileges within the Adobe Connect online conferencing platform and will be able to set up unlimited new rooms within the system.
  • use of the Scheduler. The Scheduler is built on a team-oriented calendaring application called TeamUp, with which members can organize their own schedules, coordinate with other members and groups, schedule analytic sessions, plan seminars, and allow their analysands to schedule and re-schedule themselves online. the Scheduler provides multiple levels of privacy and modification access such that it can be used as both a personal and a collaborative tool without revealing any data about appointments.
  • use of Analytica’s Skype Manager account and Skype Credits. In the case that a session or meeting is not conducted at the digital Office, Analytica maintains a Skype Manager account and distributes credits to Members. Certain larger meetings may be held, recorded, and distributed through Skype.
  • Clinical Member bio on the Analytica website


  • All of the above
  • Analyst Members will have the opportunity to present online seminars through Analytica’s ticketed events system. Attendance proceeds and subsequent pay-per-view proceeds will be split with Analytica 50/50. External seminars are produced through the Adobe Connect platform with a current capacity of 100 participants, a burst-capacity of 500, and the ability for the Host or Presenter to fully customize the look and function of the digital event space. Live tickets and pay-per-view access are sold and promoted through Eventbrite, and promotional clips can be posted on Analytica’s Vimeo and YouTube channels.
  • Analyst Members will be able to contribute to the Core Curriculum and Archive
  • the address will become permanent

Clinical Analysts

  • Clinician Members will become part of Analytica’s extensive referral network for providing clinical analysis, while building and maintaining their practice.

As Clinical Analysts take on supervision Analysands or “analysts in formation”, they may be granted reduced membership dues according to their caseload.