CLINIC – Structure and Practice

Analytica offers the most advanced clinic of analysis for personal, professional, clinical, didactic, supervision, research, or other purposes. Clinical analysis whether for “symptom” or “training” involves the form of analysis invented by Freud and extended by Lacan to the point where analysand and analyst engage in a didactic analysis of the symptom. While there is no such thing as “training analysis” in the sense that one can be assigned an analyst at a school for graduation purposes, there is only “didactic analysis” in which the initial demand and final desire of analysis is the teaching of the symptom. Thus the question of frequency, number, and duration of sessions, mode of transmission, economic exchange, and other questions are left to be determined in each case. Every analyst must reinvent analysis for himself and analysis itself must be reinvented in each analysis.

At Analytica the integration of intensive or dyadic analysis with extensive analysis in the Cartel, the Demonstration, and the Assemblage and other techniques expands and accelerates the process of analysis over traditional institutes and associations. This method follows the most advanced developments of Lacan’s Freudian School of Paris. The formation and lineage of the clinicians and members of Analytica is of the highest level of Freudian-Lacanian analysis, but also includes those with experience of analysis from other traditions. Analytica is unique in developing a program of pure analysis derived from Freud and Lacan but remaining open the deployment of other traditions by means of analytic logic. Analytica is also unique in simultaneously offering the most rigorous psychoanalytic procedures while allowing each member to construct their own formation program for personal, professional, or other purposes.