The Symptom of Art – Lazy Point

Lazy Point Gallery – East Hampton, NY

September 19 2015 – October 10 2015

Scott Von

What is the relationship between the Symptom of Art and the Art of the Symptom. In the Twentieth Century, art took an entirely new direction, continually deconstructing its own form, reframing its own context, dissolving the boundary between presentation and re-presentation, and claiming its own sovereignty. Today this symptom appears to have reached its limits.

If man is the negation of nature then art is the negation of man. This double negative accelerates to the vanishing point of infinite speed until it reaches the lazy point. Desoevrement. Nonproduction. Endless Summer.

Dr Scott Von is a psychoanalyst and artist and Director of the New Clinic for Integral Medicine & Psychiatry in New York. He lectures and performs internationally on schizoanalysis and the symptom of art.