The Liberator – Experiment in Praxis

“The baby-boomers are the greatest sinners who have lived on the earth.” (The Liberator)

The liberator is the name of a man who publicly distributed the means to creating untraceable plastic guns with 3D printers.

I like “the liberator” beyond the reservations I have. Praxis as direct action coming out of theory. The courage to take this risk.

I stress “courage” for if you read Badiou’s “Theory of the Subject” you see that he develops a politics of the subject emerging out of Lacan but different. “Courage” leading to “Justice” is the alternative to “Anxiety” which leads to calling back in the “Superego” – the failure of every inventive moment – political, artistic, scientific, or amorous.

At 2m into the video the the liberator posted on his action, he gives an example of Badiou’s theory through his own “abyssal” moment where he affirms the fidelity to an act which is absolutely outside the state of things. That which is symbolically outlawed – literally inconceivable – is still there in the situation always if you can find it in you, laying around.

At 18 m there is a direct reference to Baudrillard’s “Fatal Strategies” and an unspecified but related Badiou axiom: any system at the extreme of totality is on the verge of collapse – evental change. This gives us the ability to reverse the recaptured state of things today which “Capitalism and Schizophrenia” warned us of: not only is every liberatory moment recaptured but . . . every recaptured totality is easily undone at some crucial point in the system.

For related material on autonomist/anarchist/libertarian ideas I like “The Homebrew Industrial Revolution” (free download):

The book discusses these same ideas with much historical and cultural reference – and without the shock of guns. It demonstrates the inevitable return to the original “mercantile” system of entrepreneurial artisans from the middle ages which was artificially turned into “capitalism” in the old patriarchal manner. And there is a picture of a