The Ends of Analysis: Autopoesis

Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic – SVA – May 3 2015

How does analysis end. In Freud’s “Analysis Terminable and Interminable” he broached this subject without resolution. Just as psychoanalysis must be reinvented by each analyst – and again with each analysand – so do the ends of analysis vary. Similarly the very purpose or “ends” of analysis, as opposed to means, is something that depends on each subject, as analysis does not specify a universal cure for everyone. Finally, is it possible to speak of an end to the practice of psychoanalysis when it has barely begun? At a time when evidence based medicine demands universal protocols, a science of the particular appears alone in its practice of differential desire and sovereign subjectivity. With regard to this we will look at abstract art, poetics, and the semiotics of writing for a solution.

Scott Von is a psychoanalyst and physician specializing in integrative neuropsychiatry and psychosomatic medicine. He is the founding director of the New Clinic in New York and a member of Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Association. He has taught as a professor at NYU, CUNY, Pacific College, and ACTCM Medical School.