The Desire Path to Enlightenment: Integral Psychology

[Workshop at Esalen Institute – Big Sur, CA] [Workshop at Analytica: New Clinic – New York]

This workshop is designed as an experience of a new Integral Psychology of the future. The “desire path to enlightenment” elevates the unconscious passion of the body to the radical understanding of mind. Integral Therapy was designed by Dr Scott Von at the New Clinic for Integral Medicine & Psychiatry after many years of researching, teaching, and practicing countless methods of therapy to create a method that really works.

This practice aligns the tripartite structure of body, mind, and spirit through head, heart and sex. It takes the unique and often obscured desire of each individual as a starting point for enacting change. Participants learn how to discover the lost drive which serves as a powerful motor for transformation. This workshop if for those who seek to move beyond impasses in therapy, bodywork, and spiritual practice and to integrate them in their own life path.

In this workshop we offer a direct experience of Integral Therapy and why it is more powerful than medical, psychiatric, or spiritual practices that stand alone. By drawing on powerful techniques from diverse sources with proven results and showing how they operate in action we demonstrate a simple integral model and practice which reaches the Physical, Psychological, and Spiritual levels a creates real change by actualizing desire that leads to greater awareness.