The Sexual Relationship Does Not Exist

May 10, 2020
2pm Pacific/ 5pm Easter/ 10pm GMT

“We are like the spider that weaves its life and moves in it – the dreamer who dreams and lives in the dream.”

Join us beginning Sunday for a multi-part series as we examine the impasse of sex, gender, and relationships at the end of the world – and the solution of “desire, love, and faith” offered through the “mystery schools” of psychoanalysis and modern art. The analytic proposition that the sexual relation does not exist is countered by the artist’s alchemical wedding. We will examine this solution to the current state of peak divorce, broken families, and gender confusion. From the surrealism of Breton’s Nadja to David Lynch’s Inland Empire we will pose the problems and possibilities for the future of love, including monologues, guests, and live call-in.