The Late Lacan: Clinical Topology and the Science of Analysis

December 7, 2016
7:30 PM 9:30 PM

Topology is not a branch of mathematics – rather mathematics is a subset of the future science of topology. Join us as we examine the clinic of topology at the center of Lacan’s final years and the innovations of his school and practice. The late phase of Lacan’s work with mathematicians and poets came to replace his earlier work with the political philosophers associated with the founding of his school. The mathematical side of this work was developed first by Lacan and Soury at the Ecole Freudienne and extended by Jean-Michel Vappereau at Topologie en Extension, and Robert Groome at PLACE. Scott Von worked with these colleagues over the past two decades as part of the foundation of Analytica to advance a general topology integrating the mathematical with the aesthetic, poetic, and semiotic and to disseminate Lacan’s work in America for the future analyst. We will demonstrate the practicality of topology as a scientific foundation for psychoanalysis in the diagnosis and treatment of symptoms.


Lacan – Seminar 23: The Symptom
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Lacan – Seminar 25: The Moment to Conclude