The Late Lacan and Beyond: School+Clinic=Sclinic

March 2, 2019
1:00 PM 2:00 PM

This Seminar will be in San Francisco with FCP-Lacan School and Cal Institute of Integral Studies

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In this Seminar Dr Scott Von will explore the significant and little know developments of Lacan’s work in his final years at his psychoanalytic Freudian School, and how this work has been evolved at Analytica: a Psychoanalytic School+Clinic=Sclinic based in New York and Los Angeles. We will explore the practice of the Didactic Analysis of the Symptom/Sinthome, Variations on the Cartel; the Seminar Demonstration and the Pass(age) Demonstration; Schizoanalysis and the Assemblage; Topology, Poetics, Diagrammatology, and Graphology as Technique – and how all of these methods interlock in knot fashion along the continuum from Clinic in Intention to Clinic in Extension of the School.