The Late Lacan and Beyond (Schneiderman): What Is it Like to Work in Analysis with Lacan?

November 4, 2016
7:00 PM 9:00 PM

Join us for an intimate discussion with Stuart Schneiderman, the first American Lacanian analyst as he discusses his personal experience with Lacan and his school, and his subsequent years practicing in New York. Last year Stuart Schneiderman and Scott Von held a symposium in NY on “The Last Psychoanalyst” where they discussed the ends of analysis, Lacan’s late work, and his intentions for the future of analysis. This year Dr Schneiderman will be participating in the Analytica Seminar on “The Late Lacan,” where we trace the significance of Lacan’s late work and its dissemination especially in America. Stuart Schneiderman was the first American to work directly with Lacan and his school and has practiced in NY for the past forty years. After working with Jacques-Alain Miller’s group at the University of Paris and the early NY group that became Apres-Coup, Schneiderman became an independent analyst, increasingly disillusioned with the functioning of the psychoanalytic institutes and community. In this event he will speak of his personal experience with Lacan and the future of psychoanalysis.