The Late Lacan and Beyond: Advanced Psychoanalysis for Beginners

September 26, 2016
7:00 PM 9:00 PM

In Lacan’s last years he extended his work in psychoanalysis and put the capstone on a life of innovative practice. By now his basic concepts have been the subject of innumerable “Lacan for Beginners” books and classes while his late seminars, texts, school and clinic have rarely been explicated in French let alone in English. This event will demonstrate the significance of Lacan’s last efforts and those that have continued this work.

The seminar will serve to introduce the work of Analytica and its affiliates. It will begin with an introduction to the late Lacan and a genealogy of its descendants and will continue with an ongoing series of invited guests from the field who have extended analytic work into new forms of intensive analysis and institutional practice, especially in America.

Those already familiar with Lacan will discover the power of his late work to extend Freud’s invention into the future. Those unfamiliar with Lacan will be introduced to him in a uniquely direct way with comparisons to other psychoanalytic perspectives and a demonstration of his methods.

This seminar is presented as an Analytica and Unbehagen crossover event and thus is open to the public at large free of charge as well as to Analytica members. For those who wish to attend by virtual transmission please contact the Operations Manager at