Self Analysis and Co Analysis

February 20, 2017
7:30 PM 9:30 PM

Freud invented the method and practice of psychoanalysis by placing a non-analyst in the position of analyst for his own “self-analysis.” While his patients remained patients his only true analysands were those colleagues he trained by means of didactic analysis through a form of “co-analysis” done by means of extended intensive sessions accompanied by writing and self-analysis. It is well known that Freud defended the practice of “lay analysis” with the claim that medical or other clinical training was unnecessary for the practice of analysis. In later years various political initiatives developed institutes for the development of lay therapy, co-counseling, and barefoot doctoring throughout Europe, America, and Asia, but none integrated the method and ethic of psychoanalysis until the attempt of Jacques Lacan to found a Freudian School of Paris open to all and employing a rigorous critical method of schooling that has yet to deliver its full effect on humanity.


  • Freud – Letters to Fliess
  • Freud – Letter to Jung
  • Freud – Letters to Ferenczi
  • Freud – Papers on Technique