Radical Jungian Analysis

April 27, 2018
6:30 PM 9:30 PM

It is finally time to restore the Jungian lineage to the psychoanalytic field. In order to distinguish his work from Freud after their split, Jung used the term Analytical Psychology – or Analysis. But what is Jungian Analysis as method. In this event we will endeavor to unveil an underground practice of innovation at work in the Jungian field which connects it to Freudian, Reichian, and Lacanian practice while contributing innovative techniques and discoveries.

In this event we will explore the use of these techniques with vignettes. We will cover the real reason for the split between Jung and Freud, examine similarities and differences in method and style, and present the possibility of integration through the analytic ethic and desire for difference or “Xenophilia.”

This event will serve as an introduction to a future conference to on Radical Jungian Analysis. Those interested in participating should attend and/or request information on the “Call for Presentations” from info@analytica.org