Philosopher as Analyst / Analyst as Philosopher

January 21, 2017
4:00 PM 8:00 PM

Presented by Analytica and the Nietzsche Circle

The Greek philosophers considered the art of their practice to produce a virile and preventive healing. Nietzsche sought to bring this “great health” back into the culture by means of the artist-philosopher who knows himself. In this sense he prefigured Freud’s psycho-analysis as method. In this event we will recreate the practice of the Greek Symposium in which the art of speech and thought is practiced within a certain ethic of the other: speaking from the first person to the second person in the presence of the third person. We will each speak of a philosopher who has transformed us and the audience will be invited to the table. This will be a unique kind of case study – what Nietzsche called the “fortuitous case” of singularity in which each of us will speak of our own case of self-analysis with regards to a philosopher who by doing so himself enabled us to follow. Thus the collective of philosophers – lovers of wisdom and the wisdom of love – comes to fulfill a new kinship and future name of the father.