Lynchian Analysis: Psychic Reality

November 27, 2017
7:30 PM 9:30 PM

“We live inside a dream.” Lynch’s revelation echoes Freud’s discovery of Psychic Reality at the birth of psychoanalysis and Lacan’s explication of Universal Madness. The psychoanalytic method of the proper name is the fulfillment of the Analytic project. We see no better example of how this can be performed and what it can contribute than the work of David Lynch. Far from analyzing Lynch’s work we will show how Lynch analyzes us by means of analyzing himself. In so doing he show’s by example how to do an analysis by writing the fantasy in the symptom. This has radical consequences for the future of psychoanalysis as “Xenophilia” or a passion for the unusual, strange, and different. “We are like the dreamer who dreams the dreams and then lives in it.”

This event will serve as an introduction to a conference to follow on Lynchian Analysis. Those interested in participating should attend and/or request information on the “Call for Presentations” from