Folie a Deux: Freud, Jung, and the Practice of Analysis

April 6, 2019
1:00 PM 5:00 PM

From Freud’s written analysis with the “non-analyst” Fliess to Jung’s didactic analysis with Freud, we will re-examine the radical origins of analytic method including those of Lacan. Special guest Dr Zvi Lothane will present his current research into the investigation of Sabina Spielrein’s controversial relationship with Jung, followed by new findings and methods he has developed in the practice of analysis.

Dr Scott Von will present his work on the “transference of the transference” involved in the practice of analysis. This will begin with how Freud invented psychoanalysis out of his symptom of transference neurosis and culminate in a presentation of Lacan’s final methods as well as his recently revealed controversial relationship with Catherine Millot.