Everything You Wanted To Know About Psychoanalysis But Were Too Afraid To Ask

August 1, 2016
7:00 PM 9:00 PM

On Monday August 1 we will hold a special seminar demonstration at Analytica. The subject, “Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Psychoanalysis, but Were Afraid to Ask,” refers to the original title pertaining to “Sex” and the obscure or taboo nature of the subject. The format will be one originating from questions in the group at large: thus a public inquiry. There will be a special recording of this meeting in cutting-edge 360 degree virtual reality video. One of our participants is an expert in this new technology and will be taking the opportunity to engage the medium and investigate the emergent process of its use in the context of our school. We encourage you to come and participate in this lively experiment.


It will also be the final meeting of the summer and so it will act as a kind of assemblage or assembly meeting. Please consult the new website for continual addition, expansion, and refinement. We will discuss the public launch and initiation of the Fall term and plans for the year including:

  • The New Web Site
  • Participation and Membership
  • Intensive Analysis in its Many Forms
  • Cartels and their Operation
  • The Private Forum
  • Podcasts, Webinars, Ebooks, and the Archive
  • Core Curriculum and Certification
  • The Clinic
  • Upcoming Conferences