Cartel Assemblage

September 12, 2016
7:00 PM 9:00 PM

In this seminar we will examine the function of the cartel in a psychoanalytic school and clinic. The cartel is a special kind of work group that borders on a play group of desire and creation. It is a crucial step in moving analysis from intension to extension. Cartels have a set number of members chosen by mutual desire to work together on a certain theme for a certain amount of time. The cartel attempts the impossible task of working singularly and sovereignly together in a collective – to take turns in the position of analysand and analyst in order to extend the discourse of the master to that of the analyst – to move from the responsibility for one’s symptom and the emergence of desire to the act of demonstration in the presence of the other.

We will also begin the creation of Analytica cartels for the current year. And discuss the overall structure, plans, and desires for the current year.