Analysis of the New World

March 30, 2020
8:30 pm

“A virus is not alive. A virus exists between the gene and the meme – between sign and signifier. A virus is information and we better know what to do with it.”

1. In this event Dr Scott Von will lead an investigation into the Real of the current Pandemic, including an Analysis of the facts based on his 30 years of clinical practice, research, and teaching in the field of medicine & psychiatry. In response to this we will outline the possibilities and necessities of an Analysis for a New Society.

2. Historically Psycho-Analysis depends heavily on the anamnesis of past forgetting and the persistence of the sign and signifier as determinant. We will apply this to an understanding of the current generational transition of the End of History – and the Event Horizon of the social becoming virtual.

3. In light of these social changes and what the practice of Analysis has taught us, we will propose three simple but radical Principles for the New Citizen. This will then allow us to Analyze the real effects of this Pandemic and others to come in a new light.

4. Simultaneously we will elaborate why the invention of Psycho-Analysis can help us decode the real meaning of the Virus, and how we can return to the unfinished intention of Freud to bridge the body and mind through Analysis, and to extend the old Medicine & Psychiatry to a new Analytic cure of Self-Doctoring, Education, and Government.