Diagrammatology (Initiation Sigil)

Bridget Donahue Gallery – December 1 2014

Art exists at the intersection of real, imaginary, and symbolic. It solicits the force of will and drive by deconstructing and reconstructing form. Art has forever been intertwined with the practice of magick and the politics of reality.

The sigil is an a-signifyng semiotic of powerful change. At the borderline of structural language and the suspension of the gaze in line, shape, and color exists the power to draw the drive into manifestation.

The indexical sign or signal releases the mana captured in rigid structures, dead forms, and stagnant dogmas. Black on white cuts through the imaginary hypnosis of personality and reference to lifeless archive, while sound and gesture crack the coding of a mechanistic matrix.

After a modern century of intense mana, the postmodern malaise of static representation threatens to suffocate our newborn vitality out of existence. This we cannot and will not have.

With this diagram we thus initiate the return of innovation and transformation. Being as Becoming. An ontology infinite and void. A topology of the continuous and discrete.A phenomenology of sovereignty. A schizoanalysis: a diagrammatology.

Ritual, romance and magick. The marking on the foundation. The power behind the wall. Alchemical material. Invocation. Gesture.


1. Initiation Christening of the space:

2. Drawing the sigils/diagrams on the walls.

3. Lighting the space with fire – maybe use the 4 elements, so cover the floors with some kind of earth, and and have running water somewhere, and wind (maybe fans).

4. A certain sound recording.

5. And set up some kind of psychoanalytic office/ritual space for participation/performance.

6. A variation on my theme of Psychic/Psychotic/Psychedelic.

7. A manifesto, an invocation, or consecration: something uncanny or disturbing, a difficult to interpret juxtaposition of different fields.

8. Force: a clean or precise act of some kind of violence – creative destruction – Nietzche and/or Nitsch.