A religious crisis as death of the one who was holding you together could be the advent of the new way to love this one again in and through another: Deleuze with Badiou.

To pick up another thread from my own work on bioenergetic medicine, philosophy, psychosomatics…

On topology and catastrophe theory: when is a difference of degree a difference in kind (Bergson/Deleuze) – this is the difference that makes a difference (Bateson/Pribram) – a question of desire and its politics (Lacan/Badiou)

This eternal debate between continuous and discrete is reflected again in the difference between energy and matter, and for me a matter of perspective – can one hold both simultaneously in the “mind” while not being able to look through both lenses.

This is what I find explicated perfectly between Deleuze and Badiou – the fruit of the history of ontology. It’s “all” there – nothing.

From Deleuze’s perspective the one-all always already is – manifesting as topological shiftings of kaleidoscopic simulacra. This is the fullness of spiritual faith. Very Taoist and Vedic

From Badiou’s perspective we (every multiple) are always part of a set contracted from the void-chaos about which no set has the ability to finally name. The ontological limits of any particular logos dissolves at the border of the event which (now unconsciously) provides the foundational rules of that set. Chaos/nihilism is the truth of the inbetween sets which is also the freedom which allows the advent of the new. Very Zen and Christian.

Wilhelm Reich demonstrated in the laboratory that cells breakdown into smaller life particles called “bions” (which can only be seen by extremely powerful microscopes by studying live people) and that these bions also emerge out of inorganic matter and spontaneously organize into cells.

Bonghan Kim demonstrated in the laboratory that the acupuncture meridians developmentally and evolutionarily precede the nerve, blood, and lymph vessels and that they cary a fluid made of “sanals” – his name for bions. Kim unknowingly replicated Reich’s work while showing exactly how the bions are formed into types of cells in each organ (liver, heart, spleen, etc) and then carried along that organ’s meridian to the specific acupoint on the surface of the body, passing through the vessels and then back again continuously. He also showed that the sanals or bions are actually made up mostly of dna.

The chakra and meridian system is like a software system in the body – an interface between the psychic and etheric energy body manufacturing and organizing its tissues through organs (organic organizing events). It provides a field which grows its physical cells in the outer. While we manifest qi, or light, or life energy from our inner we also constantly absorb it from the surrounding outer in which we are enmeshed from food, water, air, sun… there is no empty space only differences of degree/kind. Deleuze and Guattari’s body-without-organs is this ontological body freed from the particular organ society which ties us to this earth-culture: the body of absolute speed to which sometimes philosophy and psychoanalysis, art and poetry can transport us through a plane of immanence while science and medicine aspire to a plane reference localizing and capturing a territory.

William Tiller and Ernest Rossi have also demonstrated in the laboratory how conscious psychic intent and unconscious emotional intensity directly change living and non living matter even when this intent is merely stored in a carbon chip in one lab and transported thousands of miles to another or performed instantaneously across the globe. Again even time/space is a matter of differences of degree/kind which we have chosen at some level to pay attention to.

Who are we?. What are we? Folding ourselves from an ineffable void-all (0-1) into myriad diagrams and shapes…

A qabalistic narrative states that the ain soph or absolute presence of limitless light folds itself to create void through tzim-tzoum out of which will come the multiple vessels – a womb, a birth, a creation. This is similar to Rene Thom’s topological ideas on prominence and pregnancy in semiophysics…

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