“Psycho-analysis and Psycho-catalysis: Substance, Set, and Setting in Clinical and Cultural Practice”

Dr Scott Von

PST Presentation 5/13/04 – New York

Psychoanalysis unties knots of the psyche unveiling the drive and leading the subject to his destiny. The ethics of analysis are opposed to current models of medicine and psychiatry which seek to adapt the patient to a particular logos.

While analysis dissolves aggregates of unwanted patterns, catalysis presents the psyche (or any existent set – for example, a body or a community) with an encounter with the other. This encounter can become an event which provokes the new within a previously determined set leading to assimilation and transformation. Conversely, this encounter can be rejected as when the immune system expels a foreign body, or deposited inside as repressed trauma repeating itself to seek expression.

Images, words, substances, and touch catalyze events which resonate in the psyche and soma of each being. For events which have remained repressed as traumatic encounters, it is possible to re-initiate, assimilate and release them through homeopathic substances, somatic touch, and semiotic images. In this case the “substance” or intervention alters the mind “set” within a new “setting.”

Analysis is the counterpart of catalysis – the undoing of the knots or patterns now stagnant in the set – a release of traumas – a dis-integration or differentiation into sovereign moments of the present. Analysis and catalysis provide an integration and differentiation of sets in a new “psycholytic” calculus of the bodymind which translates the transpersonal and topological real into everyday life.