The Art of the Symptom

Next month will be the final seminar of the year at Apres-Coup in the “Sexuality and the Social Link” series – a topic which we have worked on for the past two years. In this seminar I will trace a link through Freud’s early to late work and Lacan’s early to late work regarding the construction of sex, desire, gender, and the “Art of the Symptom.” We will then discuss this in relation to the future of psychoanalysis as practice and school. This will speak to recent topics of the “Trans” and the “Acephalic,” but from the core of psychoanalytic theory and practice. It’s free and open to the public. 


The Art of the Symptom & The Future of Analysis


Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic – May 11 2016


Dr Scott Von


Lacan’s final work demonstrates the clinic of the real through a writing of the symptom: the poetics, mathematics, and art of the psychoanalytic act. We will explore how this rigorous – yet not rigid – writing operates, and the implications for sexuality and the social link.


Freud:  “The Schreber Case,” “Constructions in Analysis,” “Civilization and its Discontents.”


Lacan:  “Joyce the Symptom,” Sem 23: “The Sinthome,” Sem 24: “The Unknown…,” Sem 25: “The Moment to Conclude.”