God the Analyst (The Theatre of Society)

Cabinet Gallery: Conway Hall – London – May 27 2015

Are topological diagrams Art or Science – Poetics or Mathematics. If we can collapse the two are we able to demonstrate the human subject or spirit – caught as he is in his body. He is a torus. And what remains of the society of individuation. A theatre of expressive moments.

The idee fixe of “God the Analyst” refers to the theme of answering to the void of God: atheological mysticism, negative theology, death of God, disappearance of the sacred. Another version of the impasse or symptom of art, philosophy, the psychic and the social.

A twist on Klossowski’s obsession with resemblance or re-semblance: to re-affirm, re-stage, re-create the semblance. God was a semblance – or symptom. Now we need another one. A pere-version.

The partial drawing is an a-signifying semiotic – something between index, icon, symbol. It sustains a diagrammatology of de-monstration.