The Desire Path to Enlightenment

Esalen Institute – April 10-12 2015

“The whole of evolution, in fact, is an evolution from unconscious divinity to conscious divinity in which God Himself, essentially eternal and unchangeable, assumes an infinite variety of forms, enjoys an infinite variety of experiences, and transcends an infinite variety of self-imposed limitations. (Meher Baba)

Traditional Eastern wisdom preaches that desire causes suffering, but in the modern West we are driven by our desires. The “desire path to enlightenment” is the method I developed for integrating body and mind and bridging East and West.

Desire itself is not enlightenment but an initiation in our path towards it. It must not be denied or repressed. How do we find our desires: by looking into our very symptoms. By discovering our lost or repressed desires we can invigorate vitality, integrate trauma, turn breakdown into breakthrough, and begin the process of refining raw drive into sublime form – just as the great alchemists and artists have shown.

Through a series of practical and experiential exercises in somatic awareness, energy work, creative play, and performative dialogue, we will learn how to heal and evolve the physical body, the psyche, and the cosmos. We will learn the secrets to unlock desire, use it to build physical and emotional vitality, and refine it along a path to spiritual enlightenment.