Neuropsychiatry: the Mind/Brain “Problem”

In terms of the mind/brain problem the way I like to describe it is that there is a big and little mind or mind1 and mind2. Big mind precedes and exceeds the brain. Whether you consider that God, or the higher self which is re-incarnated in a material body with a brain, or the cultural mind which is passed on from generation to generation does not matter. Brain is a subset of the big mind. But then from birth the little mind of the individual mapped and stored in the brain from the embodied experience of life grows. That little mind or personality is a subset of the brain. So little mind is an epiphenomenon of (embodied) brain which is an epiphenomenon of big mind.

Finally, in my model the little mind invents new things and passes them on to orfeeds them back up to the big mind. The person individuates from family, culture and species and creates something new to add to the previous big mind which preceded and fed his brain. Or, from a more traditional spiritual approach, the life experience is collated up into the higher mind or soul before that soul throws out another life into the game board of humanity on earth to play, create, develop and learn.

Incidentally this is a lot like Plato’s model – arguably the founder of modern Western analytic philosophy and science. Ideas or archetypes guide body, brain, earth and matter, but this laboratory gives rise to new experiments that create new Ideas and Archetypes. Being and Existence is top down and bottom up. A non-dual dialectic of becoming. This is a more complete teleology of Integral Evolution (and Involution) of Being – of which Darwinian evolution is a specific subset.