From Psychoanalysis to Schizoanalysis

Unbehagen Psychoanalytic – New School University – December 4 2014

Dr Scott Von – Psychoanalyst and Physician in New York, Director of the New Clinic, Analyst Member of Apres-Coup Psychoanalytic Association, Visiting Professor at NYU and ACTCM Medical School

Felix Guattari’s invention of desiring production and schizoanalysis was the natural extension of Lacan’s teaching of psychoanalysis. Through complex mathematics and poetic semiotics Guattari sought to extend psychoanalysis beyond the consulting room into the social field both as political movement and as psychiatric revolution. Schizoanalysis re-orients the practice and theory of analysis on the schizoid or psychotic core rather than the neurotic ego. Borrowing from developments in abstract art, chaos and complexity theory, as well as his own work with psychosis and political activism, Guattari sought to preserve and extend psychoanalysis as a radical practice of sovereign subjectivity, co-creativity, and axiomatic choice against a world of increasing technological uniformity.

I will talk about my work with Laing and Guattari’s circles in radical psychoanalysis and anti-psychiatry and the creation of the New Clinic in New York where we practice a psychoanalytic medicine and psychiatry, including clinical discussion of psychosis, psychosomatics, and other non-standard psychoanalytic work.