The New-Born Woman: Impassioning Relationships

[Seminar at Esalen Institute – Big Sur, CA]

Feminism is an unfinished project. Women have gained rights equal to men, but have we really understood the power of the feminine as women or as men?This workshop is for women and men who want to explore the feminine-masculine relation within themselves and with others through the power of gender and sexual passion. It was developed by Drs Scott and Julie Von out of their long-term work with women and men in physical sexuality, relationships, and family dynamics. Their work is devoted to freeing the masculine-feminine relation from old institutions and making it the core of new life and community.

Through a series of practical and experiential exercises in somatic awareness, energy work, creative play, and performative dialogue, we will learn to harmonize the masculine-feminine and yin-yang continuum in the physical body, the psyche, and the cosmos. In this workshop we welcome both women and men to explore the energetic sexual principles of the body as well as the psyche and discover a new approach to moving beyond conflict, separation, and isolation toward impassioning relationships. Our ultimate goal is the respect for difference within integration that each of us possesses within our own nature and around us in everyday life.